Ski touring – in accordance with nature and mountains

Due to Lungau’s altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea level you’ll find many starting points for easy and demanding ski tours. Alpine as well as tours along groomed ski runs are awaiting you.

You may start a tour up to Gumma or Preber right from our guesthouse!

We gladly provide you with a lunch-package and our local herbal tea.

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Preberlauf Ski touring up to the top of “Preberspitz” – an event that takes place every year in spring:
Distance in altitude: 1,200 m. You might either enjoy your walk up to Preber or also try to compete with the sprinters!

Tips for tours

Gumma (2316 m, starting point Gästehaus Macheiner: 3 hours)

If snow situation is good, you may want to start right from our guesthouse; Easy; Hut “Wildbachhütte” 1806m

Skitour Preber  (2740 m) starting point Lessach: 4,5 hours)

Starting point: Lessach up to Wagenberg (1440m) – proceed on a flat ski rout towards Mühlbach and Eberlhütte – Prodingerhütte und Preberhalterhütte (1862m); A steep but wide hillside takes you to the top. You may also start your tour from “Prebersee” (3,5 hours); accessible via Tamsweg

Gensgitsch (2279 m, 3,5 hours)

Neighbouring mountain top of Gumma; magnificent view over surrounding mountains: Kasereck, Fanningber, mountains of Nockberge & the large valley of Lungau

Große Kesselspitze (2361 m, 3 hours)

Starting point: ski area of Obertauern; easy ; snow guaranteed

Schwarzeck (2636 m, ca. 4-5 hours)

Tour proceeds along Schwarzeck’s north face; starting point: Tweng and Radtstädter Tauernpassstraße

Lungauer Kalkspitze (2471 m, ca. 3,5 hours)

Famous for its long downhill run towards the village of Weißpriach . Starting point: Seekarhaus (1797 m) at Obertauern

Kleines Gurpischeck (2378 m, ca. 4 hours)

Level: medium; starting point: Hinterweißpriach or Fanningberg (top station); the route proceeds along “Zechnerrigel” (2115m), Aiblhöhe (2104m) and Karneitschenhöhe (2181m) up to “Gurpitscheck”; walking-time: 2,5 hours

Our tips for ski-touring were selected from a touring guide that includes Lungau’s best known ski-touring routes (available at our guesthouse for € 10,00) We are gladly sending you our plans! (postage not included)